Hi, my name is Abari Abbassi. I was born in Amsterdam, gew up between Morocco and Amsterdam, studied Computer Science in Paris, and did an exchange semester in Japan.
I've worked with several sturtups. Among them is Hubs. Hubs is an on-demand manufacturing marketplace. I joined Hubs at the peak of their rapid growth stage. During my time there, the company was acquired for $280 million and was rebranded from 3D Hubs to Hubs.
Following that, I joined Practice. Practice is a CRM-like product for coaches and consultants. I joined Practice right after their seed round, led by a16z, and helped build some of the core parts of the product.
Apart from my computer work, I also have a passion for photography. You can check out some of my work on Instagram (
Let's chat! Shoot me an email: hey@byabari.com